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Visualizzazione dei post da Settembre, 2014


•Look #676 ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: [K]-Sunshine Skin T4 @-| NICE TO BE |- New ►Hair: TamelessHair Valorie - New ►Outfit: Rd StyleOutfit Tsuki #II @OMG Room - New ►Tattoo: [K]-Quick Time Tattoo @OMG Room - New


•Look #675 ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: -POUDRE-Medea Skins - Dark - New 
►Eyeliner: -POUDRE- Eyeliners - Tattoo Layers -
►Hair: *booN POI481 ►Top: Delirium StyleRope Top w.HUD - New  ►Skirt: D.A. Country Skirt - Black @Fresh Style-New ►Shoes: Latreia- Sadie White - New ►Bangles&Nails: Baubles! by PheBordeauxPolish&HandBangle @The 24 Squared - New

China Doll

•Look #674 ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: ::WoW Skins::.Lolita Darktan - New  ►Hair: TamelessHair Lilly - New ►Complete Outfit:[ Infliction ] China Doll - Blue {Available in 6 colors}- New ►Pose: *ED*Trudi - @Cosmopolitan - New 


•Look #673 ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: ::WoW Skins::. Lolita Darktan - New  ►Hair: TamelessHair Luna - New  ►Sweater: NS::Mesh Shark Sweater -Gift- New  ►Jeans: M-NUS - Fulltone Jeans Blue {Available in 7 colors}- New ►Shoes: NS:: U RocK Boots <HUD>   ►Pose: *ED*Trudi - @Cosmopolitan - New 


•Look #672 ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: ::WoW Skins::.Aurora Darktan Nat @THE UNIQUE VARIED EVENT ►Hair: TRUTH HAIRCameo -  variety ►Top: !!smesh ~Red Drape Blouse @Fresh StyleNew ►Skirt: !!smesh ~ Dirty Autumn Skirt @Fresh Style-New ►Shoes: SHEY Celine Chained Stiletto  ►Phone: MUSCHIGalax SL5  ►Cover: Rd StyleApplier Cover Kawaii Pack GalaxSL5 // MUSCHI -Gacha-New  ►Pose: *ED*Trudi - @Cosmopolitan - New 

Best Friend For Life

•Look #671
Left ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: (r)M~ (Skin) Strawberry, No.14 ~ (3)Ivy ►Hair: (r)MHair No.12'13 ( g o l d e n B r o w n s )  ►Complete Outfit::.Envious.:  Lockette - New 
RightClick Here for Outfit
►Pose: ***Sup Poses***BFFL 1 @Fresh Style-New


•Look #670 ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: ::WoW Skins::.Aurora Darktan Nat @THE UNIQUE VARIED EVENT - New ►Hair::.Envious.:  Yuki - Combo - New  ►Corset: Delirium StyleLiv Corset w.HUD/Rock You're rack - New  ►Shorts: Delirium StyleLabelle Micro Shorts w.HUD - New  ►Shoes: :.Envious.: Terminator Heels - New  ►Mask: :.Envious.: Punk Kawaii Mask - New  ►Pose: *ED*Trudi - @Cosmopolitan - New 


•Look #669
►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: .:Panda Punx:.Body Shop TMH Gift Skin - New  ►Hair: Eaters Coma - HAIR 39 / MOCHA  ►Top: *SIREN*Top Team Monster Pink - New  ►Shorts:[ Infliction ]Bitty Jeans/Shorts - Grey - New ►Shoes: Rd StyleSneakers w/Sock Cute Plain - New 

California Girl

•Look #668 ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: ** [PUMEC]  - .:TANYA:. - SKIN - Summer ** ►Make-up: //elephante poses// Tears Of Ice *Black* ►Hair: TRUTH HAIRCameo -  variety - New  ►Jacket: Delirium StyleCaliforniaGirl Jacket w.HUD - New ►Pants: Delirium StyleLiv Pants w.HUD/Rock You're rack - New ►Shoes: :.Envious.: Flirty Heels (for Slink High Feet) ►Mask: :.Envious.: Shark Mask Black - New 

Sweet Friend

•Look #667
Left ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Zara - New  ►Eyelashes: -POUDRE- [Natural False] Eyelashes Mesh - ►Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^Mesh Evie Hair [1] ►Complete Outfit: NS::Sweet Chocolate Outfit (BubbluGum) RARE @The Gacha Mania - New 
Right ►Skin: ** [PUMEC]  - .:LARA:. - SKIN - Spring**  ►Hair:MOON{Hair}. Lunatic Fits -Gift- ►Complete Outfit: NS:: Sweet Chocolate Outfit (Vanilla) @The Gacha Mania- New 
►Pose: ***Sup Poses***BFFL 3 Bag 1 @Fresh Style-New

I Love Selfie

•Look #666
►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: ::WoW Skins::.Raja Bronze @SUICIDE DOLLZ EVENT - New  ►Hair: TamelessHair Mallory - New ►Outfit: Rd StyleOutfit Havila Group Gift September - New  ►Head: *{FoReVeR}*HeadpieceStar @-| NICE TO BE |-  ►Piercing Nose: *{FoReVeR}*Piercing Spiked @-| NICE TO BE |-  ►Bangles&Ring: Baubles! by PheTheSceneBangles&Rings @Designer Circle - New  ►Nails: Baubles! by PheMetal Sequince Polish ►Phone: MUSCHIGalax SL5  ►Cover: Rd StyleApplier Cover Kawaii Pack GalaxSL5 // MUSCHI -Gacha-New  ►Pose Photo N°1: *ED* Maddie - Exclusives @Pose Me Amazing - New 


•Look #665
Me  ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: ::WoW Skins::.  Lexie Darktan @The Thrift Shop-New ►Hair: TamelessHair Felicia - New ►Hoodie: Delirium StyleGracie Angel Hoodie w.HUD - New ►Pants: .::VooDoo Dollz::.Babu Pants Black Ripped - New 
He ►Shape: Fa Tru .. Rooker Shape - EyeBrows Shape @The Thrift Shop-New ►Shirt: Delirium StyleDeep neck Tee w.HUD - New ►Pants: Delirium StyleBray's Casual Baggy Capri w.HUD Unisex - New  ►Shoes: HOC Apparel - Swypes 
►Pose: BellePoses - Skater Couple <3 @-| NICE TO BE |- New

Skater Girl

•Look #664 ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: -POUDRE-Nicki Rising Shade - Skins Group Gift - New 
►Eyeliner: -POUDRE- Eyeliners - Tattoo Layers -
►Teeth -POUDRE-Kiss Parted Lips - Alpha & Layer -
►Hair: Clawtooth Fade Into You w/Hat - Wheat RARE
►Top: NS::Hipster Crop Top (HUD) @OMG Room - New
►Jeans: Delirium StyleSkinny Unbutton Jeans w.HUD VIP - New  ►Shoes:  EMPORIUM - Hynde Shoes @OMG Room - New ►Tattoo: [K]-Owl tribal tattoo -hunt-@OMG Room - New ►Piercing:!NFINITYDiamonds Angel Bite Piercing @Jewelry Fair-New ►Pose: BellePoses - Skater Girl @-| NICE TO BE |- New


•Look #663 ►Shape: D.A. Grace Shape ►Skin: [K]- sunshine skin t4 @-| NICE TO BE |- New ►Hair:.ploom. Imogen - Candy  ►Outfit: :: No Cabide :: Outfit_ Fashion Lya - Black Lace @OMG Room - New ►Piercing: !NFINITY Diamonds Shark Bite Piercing @Jewelry Fair - New