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Visualizzazione dei post da Dicembre, 2014


•Look #715 ►Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -Moenya V1 - New  ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 ►Hair: little bones.Glass Leaf-Group Gift- New ►Hoodie: Delirium StyleKristin Fur Hoodie w.HUD  - New ►Scarf: NS::Scarf -Group Gift-New ►Pants: [ Infliction ]Torlo Pants - White - New ►Shoes: D.A. Casual Sneaker Black ►Pose: *ED*Mala @Cosmopolitan - New 


•Look #714 ►Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -Aisha V1 - New  ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 ►Hair: little bones. Sea Foam-Christmas Gift OL$- New ►Sweater: Delirium StyleFemale Baggy Knit Sweater II HUD Winter Tren Excl. ►Legs: Latreia-Lolle Warmers Grey - New ►Pose: *ED*Catrina

.::Wow Skins::. Christmas Hunt



•Look #714 ►Skin: ::WoW Skins::.Lulu' Darktan @Designer Circle-New ►Hair: Tameless Hair Gizella - New  ►Dress:тнє ѕє¢яєт ¢ιя¢ℓє Kenzi Pink {Jewels Included} - New  ►Shoes: D.A. High Converse Pink - New  ►Pose: *ED*Maddie 01 @The Thrift Shop-New


•Look #713 ►Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -Amanda V1 - New  ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 ►Lip: [ Infliction ]Season Spirit Lipshine - Pink-Gift 10L$-New  ►Hair: Tameless Hair Raina - New  ►Top: Delirium StyleRude Joke Short Sweater w.HUD - New ►Pants: [ Infliction ]Torlo Pants - Grey - New ►Shoes: D.A. Casual Sneaker Black ►Jewelry: !NFINITYCube Jewelry Set - New 
►Pose: *ED*Catrina @Pose Me Amazing


•Look #712 ►Skin: ::WoW Skins::.Fionora darktan -New ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 @THE FROZZEN FAIR - New ►Hair: .Olive. the Sa-fari-sha - Greyscaled - Black  ►Dress: Delirium StyleAiyana Wicca Dress w.HUD - New  ►Pose: *ED*Maddie 01 @The Thrift Shop-New


•Look #711 ►Skin: ::WoW Skins::.Monica Golden -New ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 @THE FROZZEN FAIR - New ►Hair: (r)MHair No.19'14 ( g o l d e n B r o w n s ) ►Sweater: [ Infliction ]Knit Sweater - White - New  ►Jacket: [ Infliction ]Scar Jacket - Black - New  ►Scarf: [ Infliction ]Scar Scarf - New ►Shorts: [ Infliction ]Hose Shorts - Gray ►Shoes: [ Infliction ]Rouge Kicks - White - New  ►Pose: *ED*Liberty 02 @The Thrift Shop-New


•Look #710 ►Skin: [PUMEC]  - IRINA-GIFT-New ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 @THE FROZZEN FAIR - New ►Hair: TRUTH HAIRHoney -  variety ►Top: Delirium StyleLil2impTop w.HUD - New  ►Pants: Delirium StyleLegit Pants Black Basic w.HUD - New  ►Shoes: FLite.-Outsiders - Snake ►Tattoo: D.A. I'm Dead ►Pose: *ED*Maddie 01 @The Thrift Shop-New


•Look #709 ►Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -WINTER v2 @THE FROZZEN FAIR - New  ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 @THE FROZZEN FAIR - New ►Hair: eXxEsS X-MAS 2014-Gift-New  ►Complete Outfit: NS::CooL Outfit @Cosmopolitan - New  ►Pose: *ED*Snowflake @You Better Not Pout Gacha - New 


•Look #708 ►Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -SKYLA - New  ►Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^Mesh Rosalina Hair [1] ►Dres: [ Infliction ]Beesa Dress - Black - New  ►Shoes: M-NUS - Transparent Heels White (G+B) - New  ►Bracelet: GDit Jewelry Jewel Nights bracelet - CITRINE @Fresh Style - New ►Ring: GDit Jewelry Jewel nights ring - silver - elegance fitting @Fresh Style - New ►Nails: -{ZOZ}- Nordic Colors White Polish Huds @Fresh Style - New ►Pose: *ED*Catrina @Pose Me AmazingNew 


•Look #707 ►Skin:- LOUX - Kali skin@The Makeover RoomNew ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 @THE FROZZEN FAIR - New ►Hair: eXxEsS X-MAS 2014-Gift-New  ►Sweater: NS::Holiday Sweater (HUD) @The Frozzen Fair - New ►Jeans: NS::Gray Jean Mesh ►Boots: [ Infliction ]Christo Boots - VIP GG - New  ►Pose: *ED*Snowflake @You Better Not Pout Gacha - New 


•Look #706 ►Skin: Flounce - Lacey - Eternity - Glittery @The Makeover RoomNew ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 @THE FROZZEN FAIR - New ►Hair: TRUTH HAIRMaisy -  variety ►Hoodie: NS:: Xmas hoodie -dollarbie- @The Frozzen Fair - New ►Pants:[Al-Hanna] Ripped Leggings - New


•Look #705 ►Skin: Elysium - Adriana II skin - creme@The Makeover RoomNew ►Lip: Elysium - Adriana II lips - creme@The Makeover RoomNew ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 @THE FROZZEN FAIR - New ►Hair: TRUTH HAIRJolene -  variety ►Hoodie: [ Infliction ]Bell Hoodie - White - New ►Jeans: [ Infliction ]Bell Jeans - Black - New  ►Shoes: Latreia-Desire Stilettos - New ►Pose: *ED*Maddie 01 @The Thrift Shop-New


•Look #704 ►Skin: ND/MD Leda Skin - Tan @The Makeover RoomNew ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 @THE FROZZEN FAIR - New ►Hair: TRUTH HAIRHoney -  variety ►Shirt: Delirium StyleCropped Top with Shirt w.HUD - New ►Pants: Delirium StyleFreda Pants w.HUD - New  ►Pose: *ED*Maddie 02 @The Thrift Shop-New


•Look #703 ►Skin: ::WoW Skins::.Ginevra Darktan @The Makeover RoomNew ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014 @THE FROZZEN FAIR - New ►Ears: (FEMALE)_[MANDALA]TAPER_EARS ►Hair: *booN MMK375 hair ►Dress: [ Garage IP ] Strapped up Black @Fresh Style - New ►Boots: Latreia-Revenge Boots V1 - New ►Pose: *ED*Catrina @Pose Me AmazingNew