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Visualizzazione dei post da Gennaio, 2015


•Look #734 ►Skin: ** [PUMEC]  - .:JULIA:. SKIN - DarkAutumn @Fashion Fair - New  ►Eyeliner: D.L.Z - Basic eyeliner - Dot - Black ►Hair: *booN ►Dress: NS::KeeP Calm Sweater @[Olala] - New  ►Shoes: D.A. High Converse Black 

Ty my best friends Lelle and Elisa 


•Look #733 ►Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -Feeb's Fabienne - New  ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014  ►Hair:Tameless Hair Mariska - New ►Complete Outfit: Tameless Hoodlem Outfit - White  - New  ►Pose: *ED*Honey @Designer CircleNew


•Look #732 ►Skin: ** [PUMEC]  - .:KATYA:. SKIN -  New Tone - New  ►Eyeliner: D.L.Z - Basic eyeliner - Dot - Black ►Ears: (FEMALE)_[MANDALA]TAPER_EARS ►Hair: *booN ►Complete Outfit: Tameless Hipster Outfit - New  ►Pose: *ED*Honey @Designer CircleNew

Beautiful Girl

•Look #731 ►Skin:** [PUMEC]  - .:KATYA:. SKIN -  Autumn - New  ►Eyeliner: D.L.Z - Basic eyeliner - Dot - Black ►Hair: TRUTH HAIR Aviva -  variety ►Sweater: Delirium StyleTish Short Sweater w.HUD - New ►Pants: Delirium StyleTish Apple Bottom Pants w.HUD - New ►Shoes: Bleich - Mesh Unisex Hi-Platform Spike Black ►Pose: *ED*Honey @Designer CircleNew


•Look #730 ►Skin: [LoveMe Skins]Audrey Skin - Tan @The Makeover Room-New  ►Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^Mesh Ruby Hair [1] ►Top: Delirium StyleTurtleneck Cropped Attitude w.HUD - New ►Pants: Delirium StyleUnderground Baggy w.HUD :: Unisex - New  ►Necklace:Delirium StyleYara Jewel set - New ►Pose: *ED*Honey @Designer CircleNew


•Look #729 ►Skin:::WoW Skins::.Vivy Golden - New  ►Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^Mesh Ruby Hair [1] ►Top: Delirium StyleObvilion Shine Sweater w.HUD - New ►Pants: Delirium StyleDeath Spice Pants w.HUD - New 


•Look #728 ►Skin:::WoW Skins::.Aleida Darktan {Lipstick not included}- New  ►Eyeliner: D.L.Z - Basic eyeliner - Dot - Black ►Hair: *booN ►Top: Delirium StyleLil2impTop w.HUD ►Pants: Delirium StyleCosmo Unisex Baggies w.HUD - New  ►Shoes: FLite.-Outsiders - Snake ►Tattoo: D.A. I'm Dead ►Glasses: NS::Sunglasses (c) @[The Gacha Mania] - New  ►Bracelets:тнє ѕє¢яєт ¢ιя¢ℓєSkull bracelets set ►Piercing Body:тнє ѕє¢яєт ¢ιя¢ℓєSkull Piercing ►Piercing Face: :HV: Aint [Ink] Colors ►Pose: *ED*Honey @Designer CircleNew


•Look #727 ►Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - [B] UniGue - BEERTJE - New  ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014  ►Hair: *booN MMK375 hair ►Outfit: Delirium StyleIona Set Tribal @Hipster Fair Exclusives - New ►Shoes: NS::Summer Sandals (Slink High Foot) - New 
►Necklace: Delirium StyleRope Necklace w.HUD - New
►Rings: Baubles! by Phe SerpentineRings @Designer Circle- New
►Pose: *ED*Maddie 02


•Look #726 ►Skin: ** [PUMEC]  - .:KATYA:. SKIN -  New Tone - New  ►Eyeliner: D.L.Z - Basic eyeliner - Dot - Black ►Ears: (FEMALE)_[MANDALA]TAPER_EARS ►Hair: *booN ►Complete Outfit:AnaSTyle - Beyonce - New
►Piercing: - .HoD. -  Bitten Piercings Pack 1 (Male and Female)


•Look #725 ►Skin: ::Dulce Secrets:: Derian.Espresso.Bare @The Makeover RoomNew ►Hair: little bones.Two Weeks no. 2 - Reds ►Dress: Delirium StyleGemma Dress w.HUD - New ►Shoes: .:EC:. ABL Army Boots [Basic] ►Earring&Necklace:Delirium StyleYara Jewel set - New ►Piercing: - .HoD. -  Bitten Piercings Pack 1 (Male and Female) ►Pose: *ED*Mala


•Look #724 ►Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - [B] UniGue - BEERTJE - New  ►Lashes: ::WoW Skins::.Lashes 2014  ►Hair: Tameless Hair Aspen - New ►Outfit:[ Infliction ]Grace Outfit - Black - New ►Necklace: Baubles! by Phe SaturnFellNecklaces @TTS - New  ►Crown: Baubles! by Phe WorldsCollideTiaras @TTS - New ►Pose: *ED*Mala


•Look #723 ►Skin: ** [PUMEC]  - .:KATYA:. SKIN -  New Tone - New  ►Eyeliner: D.L.Z - Basic eyeliner - Dot - Black ►Ears: (FEMALE)_[MANDALA]TAPER_EARS ►Hair: *booN MMK375 hair ►Outfit: Delirium StyleBrittnay outfit w.HUD - New ►Earring&Necklace:Delirium StyleYara Jewel set - New ►Bracelets:тнє ѕє¢яєт ¢ιя¢ℓєSkull bracelets set
Ty my best friends Lelle and Elisa 


•Look #722 ►Skin: ** [PUMEC]  - .:KATYA:. SKIN -  New Tone - New  ►Eyeliner: D.L.Z - Basic eyeliner - Dot - Black ►Ears: (FEMALE)_[MANDALA]TAPER_EARS ►Hair: *booN MMK375 hair ►Lingerie:[ Infliction ]Tux Set - Black - New ►Shoes: -{ZOZ}- Fiona - Pearl (slink high) @Fresh Style - New ►Collar:(r)M Posture V-Collar (Women) ~ No.07 ►Pose: *ED*Neige @Designer Circle-New


•Look #721 ►Skin:-POUDRE- Yana Tigress Blue - Medium - New ►Hair:*booNPOI481 hair black ►Outfit: N & K Veronica Outfit @Fresh Style - New ►Pose: *ED*Neige @Designer Circle-New


•Look #720 ►Skin&Shape:-POUDRE- Sonya Reddish Sunset - Dark -Group Gift-New ►Hair: .:{Rumina}:. Jane - New ►Dress: *ToXiC*H* Romy Dresses @Fresh Style - New ►Shoes: D.A. High Converse Blue @Fresh Style - New ►Piercing: Tran-Skewed Double Lip Ring and Stud @Fresh Style - New ►Necklace: Tran-Skewed Naughty Silver Woman's Choker @Fresh Style - New ►Pose: *ED*Mala @Cosmopolitan - New 


•Look #719 ►Skin: ** [PUMEC]  - .:KATYA:. SKIN -  New Tone - New  ►Eyeliner: D.L.Z - Basic eyeliner - Dot - Black ►Hair: Magika [01] No ►Top: Sweet Evil - Oopsie Tube Top.Black - New ►Gloves: Sweet Evil - Wrist Gloves Black - New ►Skirt: Sweet Evil - Barely a Skirt.Black - New ►Shoes: [ Infliction ]Desire Stilettos ►Piercing: Sweet Evil - Hip Dermals - New ►Pose: *ED*Neige @Designer Circle-New


•Look #718 ►Skin: Style by Kira - Vivica Skin 01C @The Makeover RoomNew ►Hair: Tameless Hair Gizella - New  ►Coat:Delirium StyleBonnie Hood Coat Denim - New  ►Boots: :Diamante: Beginnings - SLink High Feet  ►Pose: *ED*Neige @Designer Circle-New